Clients comments are testament to the quality of my training programmes…

“My Personal Trainer is a brilliant motivator,i havnt got lots of time to train because of my work commitments,so when i do i want to be able to get the most out of each session. Tom can do this ,he seems to be able to have a knack of making me go one step further when i think i cant push myself anymore. Tom is very patient ,and a bit of a perfectionist!!,any excercise that he shows me he likes to get 100%right,so as to have in his words [maximum] effect. Dietwise he has been useful too,hes been able to spot where i have been going wrong,and has helped me tweek my diet so that its more effective in helping me to hit the targets and get the results i want.”

Stephanie Boyd, Cardiff

“I met up with Tom and was impressed, He is a man who knows his stuff. After our initial consultation we decided that mainly i needed a cardio based programme ,with some toning excercises. Combined with a few changes in my diet. After implementing these changes i can honestly say i am 100% fitter than i was before as well as being much leaner! I now cycle miles daily ,along with playing football for a team once a week. May i also take this opportunity of thanking Tom for his help in giving up smoking,his encouragement was invaluable in enabling me to do this.”

James Laidlaw, Cardiff

“I contacted Thomas because i wanted to add shape and tone to my legs as i was going on holiday shortly. Each training session was really good, with all the exercises targeting where i wanted. As a personal Trainer i found Thomas to be really good. He is patient and always professional,and flexible with arranging times and days for training sessions. If someone I knew wanted personal training sessions i would always recommend Thomas. In fact somebody i know already asked me about my personal training,and i recommended Thomas. I would consider having personal training again,and if i did it would definitely be with Thomas.”

Emily Wilson, Cardiff

“As a personal trainer i think that Thomas is Inspiring.He made my personal training sessions lots of fun and interesting. When i started personal training sessions with Tom i had targets that i wanted to achieve. I can only say that Toms training sessions ticked all my boxes when it came to what i wanted to achieve out of the sessions!! in fact Toms training sessions ticked all my boxes and more!! with what i wanted to achieve. I would definitely recommend Tom to other people. In fact if or when I have personal training sessions again I will choose Tom.”

Ruth Bradshaw, Barry, Glamorgan

“Very knowledgeable,brilliant motivator and friendly. As a personal Trainer i think Thomas is very knowledgeable,a brilliant motivator,and very friendly with lots of patience. When i first went to Thomas i had certain targets ,which were to lose bodyfat, improve my bmi ,and also to improve my overall bodytone. All these targets have been acheived by Thomas and measured so i could be shown how much i had improved! If somebody was looking for a personal trainer then i would definitely recommend Thomas as he is experienced and he gets results. I would definately use Thomas again in fact I have now used him twice already!”

Sarah Hawthorne (Adamstown) Cardiff

“Tom has been amazing, he listened to everything I said I wanted and has helped me achieve my goals of toning up and improving my fitness. I’d reccommend him in a heartbeat! “

Charlie Dowley, Cardiff

With over twenty years as a personal trainer in south wales, I aim to make sure all your needs are met.

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